Young And In Love

Young And In Love 

You are my heart

Ever wondered how to find my soul mate? The answer is simple just find love. Find someone that shows you with actions, you are my heart. Never settle until you can say, I have found love. At that moment you will know I am in love.

My love story started in the second grade. I know you say what does a child know about being in love at such a young age. At the time I didn’t know that it was love but this was the beginning of my love story with my husband. Young and In Love.

I was a  awkward  looking six year old. Kids would tease me all the time and it made me very sad to go to school. Until one day a boy came name John.  He was from a military family that had been stationed in my town.

The very first day that we met, I was at a lunch table by myself and he walked up to me and said can I eat my lunch with you. This was the beginning of my love for John. We just innocently ate our food and talked. He told me all about the place that he was from, and I told him about our town.

Fast forward to middle school. We had always road the bus together. John would not tolerate any one being mean to me. He was a very good friend and by this time we were best friends.

We did everything together, from homework to going to parties that the local church would have to keep us from getting into trouble. We even had our first kiss together. We were curious about it so we did it. At the time it was just a kiss.

In high school John was moving again and it made me sad. We decided to become pen pals, and mailed each other thousands of letters over the next five years. At one point we both started to date other people. I wasn’t jealous, but John seem to be.

After college we had decided to me up for lunch one day that he came into town. It was like we had never left each other. Sitting at the table in the restaurant he looked so serious. I thought that he had bad news to tell me. Like moving out of the country or something. To my surprise he said to me, I have known you all of my life and I never miss a day without thinking of you.

All of a sudden music began to play and a waitress came out with a bottle of champagne. John said lets make a toast to life long friends. After that without any warning I looked down at my glass and there was a huge rock in it. When I looked back up John was down on one knee. He said I think that I have loved you even before we met. I love you now, and I want to love you for eternity.

John took the ring and placed it on my finger and said you make me a better person even when we are not together. By this time my face is completely wet from all the tears. This was the best day of my life I thought. I was wrong because everyday after has been like a romance novel that you just cant put down.

John and I have been going strong for almost 70 years. We have two children, a boy and a girl. We have grand children and great grandchildren, and one great great grand son on the way.

John saw the beauty in me that was on the inside, and my beauty keeps growing because of this kind, and loving, and selfless man that God had sent to me in the second grade.

I am in love


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