Waiting On The Ring

Waiting on the ringWaiting on the ring

Waiting On The Ring

Waiting on the ring for too long. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free, my mother always would say. She would tell me that a man would never settle down with a women that is quick to give into temptation. I had to learn the hard way.

I met Frank my last year of college. He was everything that I wanted in a man. Smart, funny, and very handsome. We both were going to be lawyers fighting for human rights. I felt like our lives had a purpose.

We talked about marriage a lot in the beginning and I truly thought that we would be husband and wife in a few years. We were young and in love and both had well-paying careers. In the beginning we both decided that we would both have our own place, which was cool with me.

We wanted to have a strong foundation for our future. By the second year of dating the economy was getting bad and Frank’s mom had gotten very ill. He decided to move his mom in with him and shortly after I moved in to help out.

Ok we are into the fifth year and things were getting really bad for his mom and she passed away. Frank was crushed. I didn’t bring up getting married because I didn’t want to seem selfish. Another year went by and I still have my last name.

The seventh year come and go, and still he never even proposed to me. Im thinking to myself that he will never ask me to marry him. He had gotten comfortable with the way things were. I worked ten hours a day. I cook, clean, wash, and kept a smile on his face if you know what I mean and still no proposal.

By the eighth year I sat down with Frank and gave him a ultimatum. Marry me or I have to leave. He looked at me and said im not ready to get married. He told me that it was just a piece of paper that met nothing.

How can a lawyer of all people not want a contract? Frank told me that he never want to get a divorce so he thought that things should stay the way they were. He even said if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. I said what if we decide to have children.

He said that he changed his mind about having kids. He also told me that no one would take half of anything that he had earned. By this time Frank was making over a million a year. All these years I helped this man that I loved with everything I had, all for what.

Frank had a trip out of town and I was ready. When I knew that he was safely on the plane I began to pack. I took everything out the house that I had purchased and left a little note.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free.

Sorry Frank you got me *ucked up!

ps. to the ladies out there you are beautiful queens and if a man doesn’t want to be your king don’t trip your king is out there. LOVE


Waiting On The RingWaiting On The Ring





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