The Trophy Wife


Trophy wifeThe Trophy Wife



The Trophy Wife

I was a young beautiful women that could pretty much get any man I wanted. I did a lot of dating but I was smart. What I mean is that I stayed a virgin. Most men could not wait and didn’t want to get married.

I was a paralegal so that I was always around men with money. They all tried in one way or another to get in my pants but I stayed strong and didn’t give in to temptation.

Working for this law firm I didn’t have much of a social life. We managed to have fun at the job and we had networking parties that would make the most open minded person blush.

The company had a yacht party that everyone that was anyone would definitely attend. I wanted to meet someone that was funny kind and most of all good looking with lots of money. Needless to say that all the men that had money and those qualities was not at the party.

A few months later the company had a trip to Vegas with the high rollers. We all had the option of inviting a friend. I brought one of my close friends with me. A few days before we left I went to see a psychic to see if my true love would be there.

She told me that I would meet my future husband and he would be very wealthy. She also told me that this man would not be obvious, and that I had to figure it out.

We made it to Vegas and it was live. We had a private ballroom just for us to party in. I have to say all the women had their game on. I met a lot of men the first night, but no one that I was attracted to. I left my friend at the party and went to be bed.

About an hour later the front desk called and said that a gentlemen wanted me to come down to the lounge. I hurried and put on a cute outfit. When I get down stairs this man was very good looking, but a little older than me.

He was everything that I wanted and more. Even though he had me by a lot of years it didn’t matter anymore. We were married a few months later. We had the best honeymoon that I could ever imagine.

Things fell apart when I had my first child. I had a hard time getting the baby weight off. Then I had another baby and another and another. By the time I was twenty seven I had five children.

The one thing that I had going for myself was gone. I was about one hundred pound over weight and I was stuck in the house with the kids all day. My loving husband was working late every night and I knew better.


One night I had arranged for a babysitter so that I could check in on him. When I got to the office I saw a lite in the window. I went into the room and there he was with another women. He stood up and introduced me to what he called his trophy wife.

He said that he had an investigator find me. He told me that he was looking for first and foremost a virgin because he didn’t want to contract any disease. Next he said that he needed someone smart but not too smart. The last thing he needed was someone that was eye candy.

He said that I would be paid for my time and that he would take full custody of the kids. He said that his trophy wife was too breathtaking to ever give birth and that I was almost identical to her, and I was.

I am back where I started except one thing no one in my town wants to marry a divorced women that gave birth to five kids.

Ladies we need to stop going after men just for the pockets. We need to let our heart lead us to the one that was truly made for us.

The Trophy Wife

trophy wife

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