Top 10 ways to know your falling in love

 How to know if your falling in love


Top 10 ways to know your falling in love

Long as you love me

How do men and women fall in love? How do you know if your falling in love? Will you still love me tomorrow? These are a few questions that may come across someone’s mind when love takes over. All the answers are in you, long as you love me.

Top 10 Ways To Know Your Falling In Love

1. You just can’t stop smiling. You were outgoing in the beginning, but serious. Now you are all smiles. The things that got on your last nerves just don’t matter anymore. Smiling is good for the souls. Your smile could make another persons day a lot better. Positive outlook will generate positive and happy people. So it is a win, win, situation.

2. You become shy around the person of your desire. At first you could talk to this person about anything, but with the love coming on its hard to make eye contact. You avoid close contact with them because you don’t want to let up that you are crazy about them.

3.  You start to really miss them when their not around. Crazy right. On the one hand your afraid to let them know, but you are thinking about them all the time. The thoughts  of a relationship is scary sometime but love is better.

4. You start to get jealous when someone of the opposite sex is talking to them. When others tell you how good looking this person it make you insane with jealousy.

5.  Your cheeks flush your heart beats faster, and your palms are sweaty, your head starts spinning. These are some of the signs that your falling in love. This is thanks to a rush of chemicals and hormones that flood your brain and body when you fall in love.

6. No matter what you do you just cant stop thinking about this person. From the time you get up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at might, the person you love occupies at least some part of your mind. As crazy as it seems, its nice to think about someone besides yourself.

7.  You go out of your way. If they call you in the middle of the night to pick  up a pizza with out any questions you are the delivery man or women. You go and do things that you would never do if you were not in love.

8. you start to do embarrassing things. Ever read a story of boys in the olden days throwing rocks at a girl window. Well that was then and this is now. There are YouTube videos of people proposing to their loves with elaborate flash mobs that take place in front of hundreds of people.

9. If you really didn’t care about your appearance you will now. Now that you are in love. Clothes are a big thing to you now that you are trying to get the attention of the love that you are seeking.

10.You sing. And than you sing some more. Hope you enjoyed my list on the top Ten way to know your falling in love

Top 10 ways to know your falling in love

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