Top 10 Reasons Women Cheat

Top 10 Reasons Women Cheat

Top 10 Reasons Women Cheat

1. Revenge for your cheating: You know the old saying “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned. Two can play this game. Because of your cheating, she will get back at you by giving you a dose of your own medicine. Her cheating is her vengeance, her chance to even the playing field. You can’t undo all of your cheating but you can ask for her forgiveness, and assure her it will never happen again and suggest couples therapy to help you get through this tough time.

2. Exit Strategy: A good way to get rid of a man is to cheat on him.  This way she doesn’t have to deal with the broken relationship drama. An affair is the easy way out. This is how she sees it. There is a different lack of communication and she feel unwanted. So she will go out and cheat on you and tell you all about it. Detail by detail.

3. Not spicy in the bedroom: Having sex with the same person all the time it will get a bit monotonous. Having an affair will add a little excitement, and adventure to her boring sex life. So you have to step your game up. To avoid this sad sexual relationship, sweep her off to a weekend getaway. Take her to the movies, kiss her for no reason at all. The unexpected adds the spice she is missing in a loving relationship

4. Lack of attention and intimacy: How long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look somewhere else for the love you need? Some women can go for a few days or weeks without attention. Other have been going through it for years. The point is women need and desire intimacy. They need physical touch, and mental and emotional attention. If you not receiving this from your man, you might look elsewhere. Women deprived of attention, compliments, and compassion usually have emotional affairs. That doesn’t mean it won’t lead to sex but initially they crave the attention and compassion that has been absent from their relationship.

5. The sex is just bad: How long can a women fake orgasm after orgasm. We need to have a orgasm just like men. This creates temptation to seek sexual or emotional satisfaction elsewhere. In my opinion it is best to communicate your needs and desires to your man with the hope that he will step it up a notch. Just tell him how you like it. Men are not mind readers, so don’t be afraid to share with him the things you want in the bedroom. He might even have something to tell you that he is missing. Communication is key. So before you trade him in for a new man, just have the talk.

6. The low self-esteem women: Some women become a wife a housekeeper and a mother who keep the family running smoothly. At this point she doesn’t feel good about herself. She has time for everything and everyone but herself. She no longer feels sexy, beautiful or desirable. She feels more like her man mother than his wife. On top of that her man could care less. She is married to a man who takes her and the marriage for granted.

7. She seeks excitement: I know that you have heard of the men who are serial cheaters… they cheat for the thrill of it. Well some women who are thrill seekers will do the same. They may be still in love with their husbands and have no intentions of leaving him, she just needs that little extra something.

8. Sex as a punishment: Some men may think that it is ok to deprive their wives from sex as a punishment. Well if you don’t give her what she wants and needs, you might be the one that will end up sexually derived. Never use sex as a weapon.

9. Constant put downs: Who would want to come home to a man that never have anything nice to say about them. It doesn’t matter if you gained weight or don’t do your hair all the time, he should be the one to tell you how beautiful you are all the time. And ladies the same, tell him all the things he need to hear to keep him happy. Negative words only bring on negative behavior.

10. The number one reason some women cheat: New research the 109 meeting of the American Sex Association found that a lot of partners are happy in their marriage but are also looking for an affair. The study of 100 women between the ages of 35 and 45. Take this with a grain of salt. These participants were also members of a site call, A site for individuals seeking extramarital affairs. The most interesting part of the research is they had no desire to leave their husbands. They just wanted more passion in their marriage. So for all you husbands and wives out there keep it new and exciting and love hard.

In closing all women and men don’t cheat, so if you are in a healthy relationship you are the lucky ones. A relationship is like a flower if you give it what it needs it will not die.

 Top ten reasons women cheat

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