I think I love you

 I think I love you

I think i love you

I love you

I love when you wake up in the morning with no makeup on. Your hair is all over the place, You may not like that. This is just one thing that I love about you. Don’t get me wrong I love when you get all fly, but I also love you in your natural state. I think I love you.

I love the way you get mad at me and make that face that only you can make. This is priceless and every time you do It I just fall more in love with you. And the fact that you don’t hold on to attitudes. A few minutes of being mad I seem to be able to make you laugh.

I love to see you laying across the bed reading not a romance book, but a book with meaning on world poverty and the solutions to abuse among young people. The book I really love to see you read is the Bible. You are love and that is why I love you with everything that I am and will ever be.

I love to see you try to fix things around the house even though you don’t have a clue on where to start or how it will end up. But nevertheless you will take on the challenge. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty. And after you look sexier than if you were in¬†designer clothes.

I love your kisses. The way you kiss me is addictive. You give me sweet kisses that make my day. And they flow through my mind until I see you again. I love the tenderness of your kiss that turns into a more passionate one.

I love that you really don’t know how to cook, but that wont stop my baby. Even if the food is unidentifiable I still love you for trying. Who cares we can always order takeout.

It is the little things that make me fall in love with you each and every day of my life. And I cant wait to see what the future hold for us. I am your man, and will be until the last breath leave my body. Even after that I will love you from heaven. I am thinking about you always.

I am in love

i love you

I Think I Might Be In Love

A never ending love

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