Ten Weird Sex Facts

Ten Weird Sex Facts

 Ten Weird Sex Facts

1. In the middle ages men wore a device called the codpiece. The codpiece was a flap or a pooch that men wore over their pants to exaggerate the size of their penis.

2. During world war11 the military had a slogan . Not the one “keep calm and carry on”. This slogan read “Don’t forget- Put it on before you put it in. The reason for this was that a lot of the military men came back home with sexual transmitted diseases.

3.Did you know that the G-spot was a unidentified until 1950 by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg. The doctor underwent a couple of experiment and found that attention to this area could trigger powerful Orgasms in women. Dr.Grafenberg is in fact the G-spot namesake and was the very first person to claim that this spot could cause female ejaculation.

4.In the 1600s the condom was used as a contraceptive. This early invention was made of linen. Back then women were more concerned about contraception than the guys. Other forms of contraception were crocodile dung, honey, mercury, and also sneezing. The funniest one was after sex they would start jumping backwards to avoid pregnancy.

5.Back In the 1900 if you went to the doctor for not feeling well he would prescribe you a dose of alone time with a sex toy. The museum of sex explains that vibrator-induced orgasms helped doctors identify “hysteria” and its symptoms.

6.Ther are 15 countries around the world that support same sex marriages. In the Caribbean nation of Jamaica, gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals only dream of a happy nuptial instead they are just trying to stay alive living this lifestyle.

7. The Maglene asyslums. These are facilities populated by prostitutes. Designed to keep women from sacrificing themselves to promiscuity. Some of the residents were prostitutes, but many were just little girl about the age of 12. They were committed by their families so they would keep there morals

8.India the birth place the Karma Sutra The  ancient chronicle of erotic love with its detailed acrobatic sex position. Ironically the pornographic materials or sex toys is considered obscene by the government of India. The distribution is punishable by up to two years in prison for the first offense.

9.In Amsterdam’s Red Light District, De Wallen is known for quasi-legal prostitution. This is a international tourist attraction. The Holland government helps out the physically disabled citizens the chance to have sexual intimacy. They receive a monthly stipend for them to buy prostitutes.

10. In several countries some new brides place small bags containing chicken’s blood into the vagina prior to sex to prove the hymen was intact before marriage. Some other countries women have placed congealed sheep’s blood in their vaginas for the same purpose.

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