Ten reasons we stay in bad relationships





Ten Reasons We Stay In Bad Relationships


Ten Reasons We Stay In Bad Relationships

1. The rent. It is hard to go back to paying the full rent by yourself. You would have to change your social calendar, back to happy hour you go. Worst case scenario you move back into your parents basement.

2. Sex. Who want to start all over just to get sex, and its the only thing that is good in the relationship. Even though you are no longer attracted to them a couple of drinks and here comes Denzel.

3. You  work for your man/women’s family. Why give up a career with a fat salary and kick ass benefits. Your traveling the world who would give that up.

4. Even though you hate the sight of them their credit got you your new Benz, designer clothes, and expensive jewelry. That kind of life is hard to give up.

5.They give awesome gifts on holidays, even though you only give gifts from the dollar tree. After year five he buys you a house this is one I have to take for the team.

6. They are the only one that like to cook and clean. Instead of paying someone to do this, you are saving a ton of money on maid service and take out.

7. They are to dumb to know that you are cheating. You stay out all night with someone else. You arrive home and they tell you that they are happy that you are ok.

8. They take  care of your four kids that are not theirs.

9. Their life insurance is in your name and the doctor gave them six months to live. The longest six months of your life, is it worth it.

10.The reason most people stay in bad relationships is because they are in love with this person. Love don’t give you black eyes and busted lips. With self love true love will come.

Ten reasons why we stay in bad relationshipTen Reasons We Stay In Bad Relationships


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