Signs of a cheater

Signs of a cheater

 I Think He Is Cheating

Cheating Signs

You may be wondering is he cheating, here are a few signs of a cheater. There are many cheating signs you have to just pay attention, cheaters are predictable so if there routine changes chances are so has there sex life.

1. They never like to shop, but now they want to shop all the time. They tell you that thy have to keep up a good appearance at work. The thing is he is a truck driver. Who in their right mind wear two hundred jeans to deliver frozen meat to a grocery store.

2. Start caring about all the excess hair on their body. they even ask you to shave their back. Never cared before that it look like a fur coat, now they are talking about getting a wax.

3. Has a back page on social media. When you confront him about it he look you straight in the face and said it is nothing. Tell you everyone at work has one just in case their truck break down. I guess he think I don’t know about back page.

4. All the numbers in his phone has guy names, except his mothers. What man on earth only has men names on their phone. When I call “Paul” his voice is higher than an opera singer, go figure.

5. When he leaves the computer on and the site is about penis enlargement cream. All this time he never cared that I have to be a gymnast just to know that we are having sex. My husband is addicted to porn.

6. All these years he never cared if I was in the bathroom with him when he was shitting now its some sort of secret mission. Well I can’t complain about this because he would put an elephant to shame.

7. You  check bank statements, and there is hotel receipts, not the usual ones from work. These are five hotel that I never went to with him. Whats a good breakup song?

8. His breath always smell like mints. Never ever did he care that his breath could take paint off your car. Now his breath smell fresh as a daisy.

9. Loves to take selfies. Before he never like taking pictures as if he was in the witness protection program. Now he take more selfies than a teenage girl.

10. This one is a little tricky. We never had sex more than three times a month. Now we have sex at least three times a week. It is like he is using me for practice. Sorry but it isn’t working boo boo. I need a date night with someone who would be faithful. Don’t let the abundance of sex fool you your just the one they are trying their new moves on.


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