My story of revenge on my cheating man

       My story of revenge on my cheating man

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I have been married for five years and I thought that we were happy. My husband is a CEO of a financial powerhouse. We didn’t need for anything. We lived a lavish lifestyle.

I only wore expensive clothes. We took vacations four times a year. Everyone that I know wanted to find a man like I had. I felt like a princess in a dream. All the time that I was out shopping and spending money like running water, my husband was spending time with another women.

It took a while for me to find out because I thought that my beauty and my sexy body he would never cheat. I did things in the bedroom that was so freaky and nasty how could he find better.

My husband started traveling more than usual in the pass year. I didn’t pay any attention to all the time he was not home. A fool in love is what I was. Sometimes he would be gone weeks at a time.

I asked a friend of mine if a man is never home do you think that he might be cheating. She told me that its only one way to find out. I said to myself that it might just be all in my head, but I had to know.

I hired a private detective to follow him. Within the hour the detective had pictures of a house that he was coming out of early in the morning. Come to find out that he had another home that I had no knowledge of.

When the women came out of the house she looked like a teenager. I had so many mixed emotions about this situation, I wanted to kill him. I had to be smart about this. There was too much money involved, and I was going to get my fair share.

When he finally arrived home I told him that I missed him and acted like nothing had happened. Never even confronted him on his cheating. I needed more proof so that when I called a lawyer I could take everything that I could.

This detective was well worth the money. He found property and money that he was trying to hide from me. I knew that my husband made really good money, but I had no idea that he was raking in millions a year. I thought that he only made about 200 thousand a year. He was making between 10 and 20 million a year.

How could I not know this, but I sure am glad that I found out before I filed for divorce. It wasn’t just about getting his money It was about getting revenge on this two timing son of a bitch. The money was the icing on the cake.

The detective gave me all the information on the women from where she was born to all the jobs she had. I even got a number for this young thang. I wanted to call her and curse her out. What if she doesn’t know that I even exist. So I have to be cool when I speak to her.

The phone rang like forever and finally she picks up the phone. We began to talk, she cried a lot. Strange thing is I felt sorry for her. She was so young and  dumb. We set up a meeting to figure out what to do.

This is how this story ends. She, the other women told my husband to meet her at this posh hotel for a night of sex he would never forget. When he arrived at the hotel there were rose peddles every where. Candles lit the room up,it was beautiful. Mean while I am in the closet looking threw the peep-hole.

She had on a sexy piece of lingerie. He of course was drooling at the mouth. She said that she wanted to do something different and pulled out some bondage rope and said that she wanted to tie him up and give him the best sex he has ever had. So this fool took off all his clothes and she tied him up. She also put a blind fold on him.

While waiting on this sex to start she told him that she had to freshen up a little.  That is  when I came out of the closet with a tube of crazy glue. I began massaging his dick and I even gave it a kiss good-bye. I took the glue and poured it onto his dick and  laded  it on his stomach and it was stuck. It’s amazing how fast super glue dries. That wasn’t all, I took some old gardening shears and yes I cut off his dick. The good thing was he knew where to find it, stuck to his stomach.

He asked what kind of massage oil are you using. I took off his blindfold and his mouth dropped to the ground. He said honey I can explain everything. I told him save it for the next bitch that he cheats on.  I guess he was in shock because it took a few minutes for him to realize that his dick was cut off. When the pain set in the sound that came from him would make your skin crawl.

He looked down at his dick glued to his stomach and knew he was in trouble. The only way he could pee was to set down on the toilet like the bitch he is. Just thinking back on this makes me laugh like it just happened.

Three surgeries late and a skin graft he still can’t keep his dick hard for more than five minutes. Thank you super glue. He know takes Viagra and the side effect keep him hard for hours on end.

I was good and faithful to my husband. It doesn’t matter if you look like Halley Berry some men don’t care they will cheat. I am no longer bitter about how my marriage fell apart. I just want to be happy.

I got half in the divorce, even half of the money he was trying to hide from me. I started a detective agency for spouses of cheating people.

 My story of revenge on my cheating man My story of revenge on my cheating man

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