I Was A Side Piece


I Was A Side Piece

Yes this was me, the side piece. It all started when I was about sixteen. Older guys would always try to get with me by giving me very nice gifts.

At the age of eighteen I had my own home, two cars, and more money than I could spend. I was receiving gifts from all over the place.

I thought that I was smart about it. I only dated men that had nice cars, good careers, and plenty of money to give. And the main thing was I targeted married men.

If they didn’t have a ring on I wouldn’t waste my time. You see I was from the ghetto, but I was the hottest chick in it. I thought to myself why not use what I have to get what  I want.

At about the age of  twenty two  I thought I had it all figured out. Just keep the guys happy and I could see the world if I wanted. That is one of the biggest mistakes I made.

I met a man. Yes he was married. See married men are the best because at some point they have to go home.  So I used my charm and before he knew it he was hooked.

I guess I did things with him that wifey wouldn’t. This man was like no other even though the other guys were married they act very jealous all the time. Slowly but surely I cut off all the other guys to be with my main man.

After a year of seeing him, he told me of all the shit he was going through with his wife. He even told me that he loved me and one day we would be together.

Another year went by and he was still married. I didn’t want to put any pressure on him, but I was feeling like he was cheating on me with his wife. Now how ignorant is that.

I was so caught up in this web that I had spun for myself. I didn’t want this man to leave me so I did the unthinkable. Yes I did. I stop taking birth control with out his knowledge.

I told him that I had a surprise for him. When he got over to my house I had a pregnancy test on the table. I wanted to take the test in front of him. I just knew this would make him the happiest person alive.

I thought it out. He would divorce his wife and we would live happily ever after. Only in the movies. He  sat on the couch while I took the test. I handed him the positive test.

He stood up and said to me, what do you plan on doing. I said that I was going to have his baby. He told me that  was not a good idea. See this was a very well know man in our town.

He said he didn’t think that I would do such a careless thing. I said you always saying that life would be better if we were together. He said to me, in another lifetime.

Nine months later I had this man son. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I’m twenty-three and I have a son that will never know his real dad.

I thought that if I use my beauty that the world would be mine. I was so wrong. I feel ashamed of the things I have done. I never met his wife, but I pray for forgiveness.

All side pieces out there all you are doing is making women as a whole look like trash. Stop acting so desperate and get your own shit. I have and will continue to be the best mother and person I was put here for.

I was a side piece

I Was a Side Piece




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