What Is Same Sex Attraction?

What Is Same Sex Attraction ?


 What Is Same Sex Attraction ?  What Is Same Sex Attraction ?


Same sex attraction includes erotic feelings, thoughts, and behavior that is  geared toward the same sex. A person who has same sex attraction may have emotional and sexual feelings or attractions, that they may or may not act on the sexual behavior.

Another term used for same sex attraction is same gender attraction or homosexuality. Although all are clinically different issues.

Social and emotional interests in individuals of the same sex are healthy as long as they are not excessive and do not develop into a sexual or erotic dimension. If same sex interests become extreme and erotic, they may become same sex attraction. This condition is also known as same gender attraction or homosexuality.

Same sex attraction is a very intense interest in others of the same sex. This kind of interest may include desires for their attention,friendship, intimacy, or a fascination with their bokies and other gender traits. This may also include reotic thoughts, and behavior that is towrd the same sex. The psychological community use the term homosexuality to refer to the entire complex that includes attrations, feelings, and the sexual behavior, such as problems  with masculinity or femininity, self perception dependencies and relationship issues.

If you or someone you know are experiencing one or more of the following may have same sex attraction

1. A intense attraction toward people of the same sex. These feeling may or may not be of a sexual or erotic natural.

2. A intense emotional involvement with people of the same sex.

3. Sexual behavior. The presence or absence of homosexual behavior does not determine whether someone experiences same sex attraction. It cannot be identified simply by the presence or absence of outward sexual behavior.

Homosexual is a clinical term used that may be offensive when used as a noun to identify individual who are trying to overcome same sex attraction. This attraction is referred to as same gender attraction or same sex attraction. They typically do not like the term gay referring to men or lesbian referring to women.

What Is Same Sex Attraction ?What Is Same Sex Attraction ?



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