Self Love


Self love

Self Love

I was married to my wonderful husband for almost seven years. I felt like he has not changed a bit. He ate healthy, worked out and the most important he was a spiritual soul. He was the man that most women would die for. I loved him, but didn’t have self-love.

I didn’t look as good as I did when we got married. You see I was in a horseback riding accident that left me with a bad knee. I really couldn’t work out or walk very far so I started to gain weight.

I was off work for 3 months after I had surgery, and I was not feeling  good about myself. The pain killers were my best friend. I would just set in front of the computer and tv all day. My house was starting to go down right along with my self-esteem.

My husband told me that we should have a dinner party to lift my spirits up. I agreed. He hired a cleaning company, which was embarrassing to me. I would let a bad knee stop me from doing the things that I needed to.

My husband was a great cook so that was one less thing to worry about. He said that we don’t have to rush because the party would be two months away. He kissed me on the forehead and went to bed.

Our sex life was nonexistent because of my constant complaining about how it was so difficult. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband and want to please him in every way possible. I knew things had to change, and fast.

I went online to find a personal trainer that would help me lose the weight and get back to my old self. He introduced me to exercises that would help make my knee strong again and lose the pounds at the same time.

I was dedicated to this because I wanted to do this for myself and for my man. I kept it a secret from my husband so that the night of the party he would be blown away. In just two weeks I started to feel better and look better. It was amazing the energy that I had felt like my old self but better.

Even though I was getting smaller and healthy, I continued to wear the big sweats, no to let on to what I was up too. One thing I have to say is that I do have a great husband, most men probably would have cheated by now.

Party night is hear. We invited all our friends. The house looked beautiful and my husband couldn’t look better. Everyone was asking for me but I was up stairs getting sexy. My husband said that you know that ladies take a little longer than us to get dressed.

About a hour into the party I called my husband on his cell phone. He asked me to come down and that no one would care about the weight or anything else. He said these are your friends and they love you.

I told him to turn down the music and tell everyone to come to the stair case. I’m nervous as hell but I was ready for this. When I walked down the stairs very slowly no one could see me at first, but when they did everyone started cheering and clapping and jumping up for joy.

I walked right over to my husband with his mouth still open. He said how on earth  did you do this you look incredible. I whispered in his ear and said I won’t complain tonight. We all had the time of our lives laughing drinking and being free.

Needless to say that after everyone left my husband did things to me that he never did before and I returned the favor. I now  love myself and show love to the temple god gave me.

self love


Self Love

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