I Only See The Good In You

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I Only See The Good In You

I only see the good in you, No matter what everyone else thinks. I love you with all your flaws.

When we met I knew that this was going to be a love to fight for. I come from a middle upper class family, you come from a life on the streets.

John was a product of the system, and very little trust in others. He had been in and out jail from a very early age.

With a long rap sheet my family didn’t even want to meet him. I thought that if I’m  getting serious about this man my family has to meet him.

John is very well spoken because he  obtained a master’s degree in mass communications while in prison. I’m very proud of this man.

His crime was that he was involved in a drug deal gone bad. John did twelve years in a state prison. He has no problem telling his story.

The night I invited him over to meet my parents was a very unique thing for me. See after so many bad relationships I just didn’t bring anyone around.

When he arrived at the door my father answered. There he was looking just as fine as he wanted holding a bunch of flowers for my mother. He gave my father a gift too.

We sat down and started dinner when my father started with the interrogation. John was on his game that night. He told them everything that they wanted to hear.

John told them this is the cards that were dealt to me, but to understand that he was a better man because of it. We talked for hours on end.

As time went on my family began to love the man not his past. I’m so very grateful to god for sending me such an extraordinary man.

It has been twelve years and two kids later and its like the love just keeps growing. I pray that all women out there to follow your heart not what others say.

I might not be rich, but were good. I would not change a thing. John is my soul mate.

Love, respect, kindness, caring, and understanding is some of the wonderful things I can say about John. To say his name put a smile on my face.


I Only See The Good In You



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