Emotional Affairs 

If you have not been cheated on then you are one of the lucky ones. Even if there was no sexual contact, emotional  affairs is cheating. The questions is why do men cheat? The answer is just as complicated as the question. No matter if it is a woman that cheat or man, adultery is being more excepted in society.


The big question is why men cheat. I know that women cheat too, but this is about the men. I think men cheat because they can. It’s just that simple. I call them men out of respect, not because they act like a real man. This is my story of what cheaters have done for me.

The first time I was cheated on was so overwhelming to me. I started questioning myself as a women. Maybe if I didn’t hold back sex, or lost a few pounds or wore my hair differently. I could have done everything he wanted and it would still be the same outcome.

I no longer blame myself for his cheating ways. I am a strong women and no man defines me as a women. Cheaters beware don’t do something to someone if you don’t want it done to you.

All the men in my life that has cheated on me hasn’t made me bitter, or angry. It in fact has made me stronger as the years go by. I love men and I know that there is someone for me out there. Real men don’t cheat. They are man enough to say this is not working for me and simply move on.

Anyone out there that is cheating remember that karma is a bitch. All of them that have cheated ended up with women that can’t hold a candle to me. I am independent, honest, giving, loving, and caring and so much more. So I say thank you men for helping me to be all that I can be.

And for anyone out there man or women if you think your spouse is cheating most of the time you are right. Love yourself more than any other person could. Maybe one day you will find true love. Love that make you happy and proud.

So to all you men out there that think cheating is a sport. Even giving these women that you cheat with titles. It’s not cute to be call the side piece, or a thot, hoodrat, scank, trick, or any other derogatory name. We women all over the globe, we have respect for yourself. If you are with a man and he is cheating, fuckit and move the hell you. You will survive and it will make you stronger. Thanks Fellas.



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