Relationship Confessions

Relationship Confessions

Relationship Confessions

We all have a story to tell when it comes to love and relationships. What is something you have been holding in that your ready to share? You can submit anonymously Relationship Confessions Let go of all your relationship secrets


Relationship Confessions

Just Confess

i have a confession about my marriage

Relationship Confessions….

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We all experience heartbreak in one form or another, Share Your Story

What is the main reason people cheat?

We all act irrational when it comes to being heartbroken and cheated on. Here are peoples reactions to being cheated on.

Welcome to our online confessional

We all have regrets and situations we wish we could change. Rather your confession is, I am  cheating on my husband or wife. Or you are no longer in love with your spouse. Maybe you have a confession about your marriage. We all have secrets in our lives. Here is a safe place to let it all out, with no judgment.

relationship problems

Let it out here

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  1. Honestly I’m gay and don’t know how to tell my girlfriend. I feel so bad. She wonders why I won’t have sex with her but it’s really because I’m attracted to men. I just know how much she likes me so I feel bad .

  2. About 2 or 3 months ago my ex broke up with me for no reason and I found out it was because he was involved with another girl for 4 years. I got so upset that he lied about it that I literally threw my shit (feces) all over his car. I would’ve paid millions to see the look in his face when he walked out but I had to play it cool.

  3. So four years ago I was dating two people-a boy and a girl-at the SAME time. I was basically just living a “double life.” Eventually, my whole school found out and they were accusing me of “cheating,” and saying things like “u need to choose” etc. yet at the same time it was so confusing…

    So, awkward love triangle…

  4. I was with my bm and found out she was cheating. While she was sleep i put a gun to her head i wanted to kill her. She didnt wake up i contemplated blowing her away. After going back and forth with myself i decided not to. She never knew what i did and we are still together.

  5. When i was with my baby mother i met this dude and we begain talking. I had never been with a male before so i was intrigued. Shortly after that we started having sex. I eventually told my bm and it crushed her at the time. Me and my boyfriend are still together today me and my bm have gotten over it we are cool for the kids.

  6. Ok I have a confession I stole 200 from my girl she think that someone might have stolen it while she was at work I used the money to put towards my rent I feel bad about it now though she makes way more money than me an I knew she would not miss it but now I feel so guilty I want to tell her it was me but that just might end our relationship I do love her but I betrayed her trust not sure if I should just tell her that I made a mistake or just keep it to my self the crazy part is if I would have ask she probably would have given it to me but I didn’t want her to know that I was struggling I feel so stupid for what I did not sure how to make this right

  7. When I told you my phone was dead I was really with my ex. At first we were just talking and watching tv I saw you calling. An I knew you would keep calling so I turned off my phone so when you asked I could just say it was dead we ended up having sex an the truth is I though of you the whole time. It was not even good. He never found out an I have not cheated since

  8. This is not working because all you do is nag an try to control me I cant leave out the house without you yelling or crying. You dont work, cook or clean. I really dont no why we are still together. I have been seeing my ex for a couples months now. Iam moving out friday an she has no idea.

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