Power couple




Power couplesPower couples

Power couples

A power couple are couples that come together an takes both there lives to the next level. They are about helping an encouraging one another. There is no room for jealousy with this type of couple. If one accomplish something they both celebrate. These  couples are goal oriented, and focus. They know how to work together. For the greater good in any situation. Find your boss

Ride together grind together celebrate together. Jay z and Beyoncé are a great example . There both ambitious an driven. If you want to be a boss you have to be with a boss.

Maybe your looking for that power person that’s lacking in your life. You have to go to the place that these caliber of people hang out and that is  everywhere. Don’t think they are all at the country clubs. They are in the grocery stores the library even at the gas station. Good luck in your search to reach the top with someone that is top shelf.

Being Top Shelf does not mean that you have to be in a relationship that is driven by fame and money. When it come to relationship talk love is number one. You should be with someone one that compliments you not physically but spiritually.

Stop second guessing everyone you meet. The truth is there are a lot of single people out there, no one wants to make the first move. Well the ball has to be in someones court so take the chance and open up your heart and mind for the endless possibilities.

Power couplePower couplePower couple


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