My Relationship Is Over

My Relationship Is Over

My Relationship Is Over

Abusive Relationship

So many of us have been or are still in abusive relationships. This is crazy love and no one should be in one. Relationships that take away your self respect and except what ever the other person does to you. Affairs, they are not affairs its cheaters that try to make it less than what it is. You spending your time on how to catch a cheater. Please you deserve better.

The year 2015, an some of us still cant get it right. We have the highest devorce rate in the history of the world. We fall in an out of love like it is some bad chess game. What is lasting love? Does anyone out there really know?

I am not one hundred percent sure what lasting love is, but I know what it is not. Lasting love is not hurtful. The person that say they love you will say loving things to you. They wont put you down an call you bitches an hoes. Tell you how stupid you are, and that no one else will ever want to be with you a no good nasty ass bitch like you.  What love is not.

Lastin love never get violent. If your in a relationship and you are afraid that that person might one day kill you that is not love. Real lasting love is a powerful protector. Men or women should never put their hands on each other. It only gets worst with time. Only two things came come out of a violent relationship and that prison or a  graveyard.

Love isn’t having someone on the side, this is for both people. If the one  that claim to  so call love you is not enough for them, they should be man or woman enough to tell  you. No one should have to find out that their mate is cheating on them while on social media. Not only being a no-no, but it is a emotional and physical blow to the other person.

This is just a couple of things love is not.If you would like to share you views on what love is not, please feel free to leave a comment.

Love is a powerful thing, and so is knowledge.


My Relationship Is Over

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