This Mess Of Mine


This mess of mineThis Mess Of Mine

This Mess Of Mine

This mess of mine all started in high school. I was the captain of the cheerleading squad, and all the guys were after me. I don’t think that I was stuck up or anything but I was told all the time how beautiful I was.

My mom is white and my father was Jamaican. They only had one child because my mom had gotten very ill and it made her sterile. I couldn’t ask for better parents. They told me if I continue to do so well in school that good things were coming my way.

My first real boyfriend was the captain of the debate team ,my folks were more than happy. This almost assured them that I wasn’t having sex . His family was well to do and focused on education and religion. I thought that I was truly in love.

Until one day at school everyone was talking about this new guy from Washington dc. This small town in upstate New York wasn’t ready for his type. Since I was an outgoing person I walked up to him and introduced myself.

I put out my hand and said hi my name is Sophia. He looked down at me and said hi I’m Mike nice to meet you. I told him that if he needed anything to just ask. At lunch we all tried to make him feel at home, even my boyfriend.

After a couple of months at the school Mike was doing very well in everything he put his hands on. Sports, academics, music, he could do it all. I tried to hook him up with a lot of my friends but it never worked out.

After practice we would ride home together Mike and I. Talking to Mike was like being in a therapist office without the shame. After a while I started having feelings for Mike. At the time I was just turning eighteen and had more freedom.

My boyfriend was only 17 and would rather read then to hang out. He didn’t mine if Mike and I went places together. We did everything together. From movies to bowling and everything in between.

One night a few of us were just hanging out when it started to rain. Everyone was ready to leave but Mike and I decided to stay and wait for the storm to pass. We were sitting in an old barn and the rain was coming through the cracks which made the both of us wet.

The barn was cold so Mike took off his shirt for me to wrap up in. I could not stand the fact that Mike was everything that I wanted in a future husband. My boyfriend only wanted to study. He wanted to be the youngest district attorney in the us. That’s wonderful, but I am young and I want to have fun.

As the rain got harder and harder I could not help myself so I asked him if he wanted to kiss me. Mike said every sense the first moment I met you. We kiss and kissed some more. Before we knew it the clothes were off and we made love in the barn under the stars.

The next day of school was a little awkward with Mike. When I saw him he acted like nothing ever happened. When I asked him about it he said we did what we did and that’s it. I was crushed I gave myself to someone that could care less.

After school my boyfriend was outside waiting on me as usual. I got in the car and it was just silence. After about ten minutes of this I asked my boyfriend if everything was ok. He said you tell me. I look him in his eyes and said I’m good.

He pulls up in front of my house and reached into his glove box and pulled out pictures of me and Mike having sex in the barn. He told me that his mother didn’t trust me and didn’t want me to disgrace the family name. She had hired Mike to test my loyalty and I failed.

This Mess Of Mine



This Mess Of Mine


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