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Let Me love you

Love all, is easy said than done. When you love someone for all the wrong reasons you will find yourself empty and alone. All the love songs in the world couldn’t take away the pain of knowing that the one you love does not love you. We must love from the heart and not from the brain. You will find love. When that special person come into your life, that isn’t rolling in money but has potential and ask you with all your walls built up ” let me love you”, let them in.

As a young girl I thought that one day I would meet my prince charming. I would live in a fabulous home, drive fancy cars and have all the benefits that I thought would come along with being married to a man that had money.

How can a person that seems to have it all, finds herself empty. The woman that some others would envy. I was empty and ashamed of who I had become.

With money, comes money problems. My husband never loved me and at the beginning I was lying to myself. I thought that being taking care of was a source of love.

One day I sat down and wrote my husband a letter and asked him if he loved me and when I got his response I knew the truth before he even told me.

I am a middle aged women with teen age kids to support on my own if I choose to leave. I’m stuck, lonely an afraid of what if. I have no marketable skills, I am only good at living.

So for all you ladies out there that think money is the solution to all your problems, I have news for you. If a man doesn’t show you love, he is not in love with you.

I don’t mean buying you a designer purse, or some LV shoes. Im talking about a man that will show you by the little things. Like calling just to hear your voice. Or just wanting to spend time alone with you just doing nothing.

There are a lot of great men out there waiting for Mrs.. Right. Don’t let what a man don’t have stop you from finding the man of your dreams.

Potential is powerful, I would take a man that love me with potential, then a man that has money and only love me in the bedroom.

Find Love

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