Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Old school love and marriages. The kind of love that if one  start a conversation the other would finish it. This is the love that most people admire and dreamed of. This is old love, good for the soul.

Then you have people who are in new relationships that as a couple you are learning love and exploring. Do you remember that first love. The one that was so cute, and everything they did was adorable. The intimacy was fresh and new and there were no inhibitions. The is young love, good for the experience.

Then you have people of all walks of life all around the world that are still waiting for that special someone. I think that every where all over the world people will connect in a way never before.

The Lord did not put us on Earth to be alone. He wants us to be happy and be loved by that special someone. If you are single don’t let that stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. You will be amazed at all the single people there are out in this great big world .


The main thing about finding true love is that first we love ourselves. Self love is more powerful than loving another person. Self love makes us give love so much more selflessly.

Don’t be afraid your true love is out there. We are all unique individuals and have our own journey in this life. Show love, live love, breath love, exhale love.


Love your selfLove yourself

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