love Quiz

love Quiz

love quiz

  1. If your mate was to lose their looks would you stay.  Yes  / No
  2. Do you think of your spouse more then usual.   Yes/ No
  3. Do you think that this is true love. Yes / No
  4. Have you written a love letter to your spouse. Yes / No
  5. Do you say I love you often. Yes / No
  6. Do you know what is true love.Yes / No
  7. Is your love 50/50. Yes / No
  8. Are you will to fight for your love. Yes / No
  9. Is this person everything you ever wanted in a relationship. Yes / No
  10. would you die for the love of your life. Yes / No

True Love

This is just a short quiz to see how you feel about the love of your life. We can say we love a person but when we are put to the test maybe the outcome is different. Sometimes people will say that they love another for all the wrong reasons.

Definition of Love

Will you stop loving someone because they can no longer provide for you? Are the material things that one can give ranks the love you can give. Love is priceless and should be handled with care so treat the one you love with the same love and respect that you want in return.

It has become so hard to find true love because alot of people think that love is a game. A game of take, take and take some more. We are only willing to give if we will benefit from it. The benefit is that someone is willing to put up with all our flaws and beautiful imperfections.

Love is being with someone at their worst and still love them. Love is staying up with someone when they are to sick to take care of themselves. Love is seeing a person at their complete rock bottom and be there to help them get back to who they are meant to be.

Love is being with someone that make you so made but not enough to walk away. It is the feeling you get when they enter a room. The smile that you have when they are on your mind. I will be with you no matter what, this is true love. You don’t walk away from true love. It is the ultimate sacrifice to love and to let someone love you at your worst. This my friend is love. Not the gift wrapped part of you but the most raw form of you so don’t be afraid let love happen and you  will see that it is truly amazing.

It is now 2016 what the hell are you waiting on the guy with the nice car to ask you out. Or are you the guy that is waiting on the women with the biggest butt. Stop looking at the physical only and dive deeper find out about a person before you make a decision to be with them. Never go by face value it will never last. The soul is the most important in a long lasting loving relationship so go for it. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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