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Word love

Why is love so hard to get. Why is it so hard to keep. What is love? We fall in and out of love like it some game. In the dictionary love is not what we think. Some may think that love has a price tag on it. The price of love maybe a person way of thinking this is what they are worth. Someone to take them out and wine and dine them. This is the  one that cant afford to keep up with the lifestyle they  have come accustomed, so they pimp their selves out, and at the end of the day  to be left out in the cold.

Definition of Love

Are you looking for love or someone to take care of you financially. The one that wont say no to all your demands of fancy things that you cant afford on your own. A person that is at your beaking call day and night. the one that will take you on shopping trips that you can brag about to your friends. Some poor guy that without the money you wouldn’t look at them twice. The vampire in you is out for blood.

Famous love

He will put up with all that you have to say negative, just to be seen with you. And all his friends know that if you where to loose it all your (girlfriend) would go running to her next victim. You are left alone with a broken heart because in your twisted mind you thought she loved you too. She did love, but not with you. She was in love with how everyone was envious of her lifestyle. A lifestyle of lies and deception.

She is a breeder of children that is a paycheck. Every baller or rapper even a business owner is her prey. She then teaches her daughters and even her sons to go out and prostitute themselves to be just like mommy. To use their beauty to attract men and women to get what ever their hearts desire.

What happen to being with someone because you love them. Sure he is not a millionaire, but he is a hard working man and he loves only you. The millionaire has not just you, and if you think that your the only one you are completely disillusion. Wake up people.

All the beautiful women of the world are not the one in the magazines. She is the one that loves you for you, not for your wallet. She will be there no matter what go down. This is the women that you ignore because she is not a super model with a pretty face. Her beauty illuminates from the inside out. She is true beauty and you would never consider dating her because she is no dime. She may only be a normal looking girl that is looking for lasting love.

Best Love

She will never cheat on you. She will never use you for what she can get. She is here right here, what are you looking for love or someone to just have on your arm and hand in your pocket. This is your wake up call. Stop trying to prove something to the world and love that women that loves you all of you. All of your imperfections and quirks. She will love you tell death due you part.

Word love

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