No More Lies

No More

No More Lies

I lied all the time, to make myself look better around people. The lies I told caught up with me.

At the age of fourteen I would tell men I was eighteen. So that was the beginning of my life of lies.

I could get into clubs, buy beer, and drove my mom’s car when she went to bed. I felt like I was a grown women, but I wasn’t.

One night while at the club I met a man, he was twenty five. I didn’t care, I just wanted to have fun. I was a little child playing grown up games.

The guy I met was a club promoter. He asked me if I had considered dancing. He said that I could make a lot of money and could be my own boss.

That is all I needed to hear, being my own boss. He said you are beautiful and that your body wont look like that forever.

So I took him up on the offer and started dancing. It was so easy no one asked for ID or anything.

I knew this guy was attracted to me. One night I couldn’t get my mom’ car so I needed a ride home. This customer name Big Mike gave me a ride, but I had him drop me off around the corner from my house.

The females dancers at the club didn’t care for me much. I was the new girl, and I was making a lot of money.

One thing I wasn’t the innocent girl anymore I was a women. I started doing private dancing for some of the riches men in my town.

Big Mike took a liking to me. I told the promoter about it . He told me to just make my money and don’t get to involved with the customers.

I didn’t listen. This guy named big Mike tipped me big money all the time. One night he asked me out, and I said yes.

He treated me like a queen. Things started to get serious, and we had sex. At the time it felt right. I wasn’t thinking straight.

Within a few months I found out I was pregnant. I told big Mike and He proposed to me. He said you will never have to dance again I will take care of you.

My mom didn’t know because she worked all the time. The morning sickness gave me away. My mom thought that I had the a stomach flu or something.

After a week of this my mom made me a appointment to see a doctor. After the exam the doctor told my mom the worst news any mother wanted to hear. Your daughter is pregnant.

My mother blamed herself for not being there all the time. This was the beginning of the end. When she found out the age of the father the nightmare began.

Big Mike had no idea that I was fourteen. My mom called the police and they locked big Mike up.

He said that he had no clue that I was fourteen. The police said that it was his responsibility to know.

Big Mike is in jail for ten years for statutory rape. I am a single mother at the age of fifteen. I really had to grow up for real fast.

Just when I thought that my life was beginning it was over. Please, I know that its easy to tell a lie. Take my advise its not worth it .


No more liesNo More Lies

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