Why did he leave



 why did he leave


 Why Did He Leave

I was completely blind sided. When I met my husband I was doing very well for myself, and he had his own business. After a year of dating he popped the question.

We decided for the first year we would just enjoy being married, and kids would come later. We really started to get very close, not like I had ever felt before.

I worked, took care of the house completely if you know what I mean. I thought that I was the total package. As time went on things started to change. He worked later, we never had sex. When I would be in the mood he would tell me that he was tired.

One night he got home late. He went to take a shower and his phone rang. I picked it up and it was a women on the other end.

I cleared my throat and told her that I was his wife. She said I know but not for long and hung up. when he got out the shower, I asked him about the women. He said I’m  tired of living a lie. He told me that he no longer wanted to be with me.

He said your to good for me. I need a challenge. He said your to predictable and boring. He told me he was going to move out. So I never cheated or disrespected you, An this is how things still ended.

Next time you give your all to someone make sure there worth it. Ladies I would like to warn you all. What we good girls wont do, there are a lot of women out their that will. We call them the side piece. Why did he leave, no why did I stay.


Why did he leaveWhy did he leave


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