Laws Of Attraction


laws of attraction

The laws of attraction

 This is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. The law of attraction is putting positive energy into your life. What makes a guy attractive, it is different for all. Do you want to know what makes a women beautiful, still a individual decision. I would like to discuss how to be attractive and this has nothing to do with looks.
Sure there are a lot of people out there that are considered Beautiful by society standards. With everyone and there grandma getting plastic surgery to keep up with the fad of the moment. Lips enhancement and booty injections, is anyone real on the outside?

What Makes A Women Beautiful

What Makes A Women Beautiful

what makes a women beautiful is being Confident. If a women is confident all of her other attributes will be positive. You have to have that something that some women will never possess.  Don’t get this confused with Bitchy. This women has it together in all aspects of her life. If she has hard times she is strong and will confront it head on.  Having a heart that is loving and open and not judgmental. She will be all the things that real men are looking for. Not just a lover, but a best friend that you can open up to, and it will not be used against you in a heated disagreement. She knows how to be a lady  at all times. She can have a argument with you, but never put her business in the street.
This is laws of attraction beyond the the outer shell.This women could have many men but is waiting on the right one instead. She is not at the club every night unless she works there or better yet she is the owner. She dresses appropriately and carries herself in a dignified way. She also can let her hair down and get dirty with you. This is a women that will not have to look threw your phone. She knows that what ever is done in the dark will come to light. She is faithful to you, in good times and bad. What makes a women beautiful is being that light that his heart has been looking for.
What makes a Guy Attractive 

What makes a Guy Attractive

What makes a guy attractive is the same thing, being confident. A gentlemen that has a spiritual connection. This is the key to attraction. He is building a life for his self and the ones he love. This man is loving, kind, gentle, strong, intelligent,, honest powerful, and the list gos on and on. You might meet this gentlemen and never think twice about him. This is the king you are looking for ladies this man is out there waiting on you. Besides having all these positive attributes he is a gentlemen at all times, and dresses the part. He doesn’t have to flaunt what he has because he is humble. This man is very careful of the women he dates, because relationships for him is the courting period for finding his Queen. He will have you falling in love not ever knowing it, because with him it is easy. with this attraction the sky is the limit. He will never stop loving because he knows that this is key to true happiness. Also one misconceptions is this man is boring not at all. He will open up a whole new world to you. This is the man that will stand in a world of temptation and never cheat.

When It come to the laws of attraction it is deeper, much deeper than most can comprehend. We live in a lustful world. The temptation is more prevalent than ever. If you have that attraction on a level not understood by most is great.  Nothing is worth losing this relationship over.You can have the relationship that you deserve and will. Just open up your mind to the many possibilities that are out there.

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