The lie that killed my relationship


 Judgement day how I was catfished

Judgement Day, how I was catfished

This is my story of being catfished on Facebook. That day was my judgement day. Should I just go on with my life not ever trusting anyone again. Well read this story and let me know what would you do? Was this my judgement day?

I have traveled the world being an army brat. learning different cultures and meeting some of the most amazing people ever. I have always taken people as face value and loving folks for who they where. Even when having some of the worst relationships I still had hope of finding true love.

I was in a long-term relationship with this guy that treated me like crap. I was a kept women treated like a possession. If I wasn’t where I said that I would be, when he would find me, I would get choked almost to the point of death  to let me know who the boss was. I tried to fight back but I’m much smaller than he was. 

After two years of physical and verbal abuse I decided enough was enough. I needed a fresh start so moving to a new town was the best thing for me. I never worried about work because I was self-employed as a graphic designer. I could live on the moon and still make money to live a very comfortable life

Oh well that’s the past, on to bigger and better things. I’m a big fan of Facebook and have made good friends. There was this one guy that  really stood  out. He was tall and chocolate just how I like my men. He was educated, spiritual, and had the best sense of humor. I like the fact that he was intuned with my emotional side that most men in my life just ignored. For about 3 months we have been connecting on every level if you know what I mean. He never pressured me to get physical which made me want him even more. We decided that it was time to meet face to face.

It was funny that we live maybe thirty minutes from each other, but never ran into each other.  I was ready, and wanted this to be a night to remember. He had arranged for us to go on a boat ride. That included dinner and very nice reggae music which we both love. We talked and talked and talked some more.  Oh his name was Ashley, I couldn’t believe that I was sitting next to someone so fine, intelligent and easy to talk with.

He was the total package. As the night went on and after a bottle of wine we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He asked me if I was willing to go back to his place. In my head I’m like hell yeah, but I had to keep it classy.  So we arrive at his home and it was decorated like it had a woman’s touch, really nice


I sat down on the couch and we just started making out, and before I knew it we where on his bed. He  started to take my clothes off, then got up and turn the lights out. I’m really feeling this man. We had the most amazing sex ever. I say we went about 5 rounds. That’s unheard of with most men. After the magic slows down I asked him if I could take a shower so I would be fresh.

As I was getting up I looked back and said you can join  me if you want. He said that he had like some kind of shower ritual that he would show me one day soon. While in the shower I’m thinking this has to be a dream, I’ve never felt this open and free with anyone. I get out the shower, dry off and went to look in the cabinet for some lotion and low and behold I see women tampons.

We are really getting along so I don’t want to say anything. I went to use the bathroom and there it is a used unflushed tampon. So as I’m going to the bedroom I see this man lying in what appeared to be blood. First I think he might had hit it to hard and made me come on, but if that’s the truth why didn’t I see it in the shower.

Oh shit I walk a little closer and the man who I was smashing all night had a period. So you know what that means my dream man who had the best sex ever and listened to me was a women with a very large strap on.

I am not a judgmental person but this was worst than all of the abusive relationships I have ever had. This was my judgement day. If She would have been up front with me maybe we could have become friends. All trust in people has gone I am now back to square one. So the next person I meet will have a lot of baggage to deal with all because I was catfished on Facebook.That will be my judgement day.

 living a lie

 be who you are


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