I’ll be ok just not today

Ill be ok just not todayrelationship problems

I’ll Be Ok Just Not Today

I’ll be ok just not today, I keep telling myself. It has been two weeks since you broke my heart, but ill be ok. How could you love me and take my heart and through it away.

I know I have to go on without you, when its killing me inside. I put on a happy face even though I just want to cry. Why did you leave. What did I do for you to walk out my life with out a reason.

I thought that my relationship was shaky but nothing that couldn’t be repaired. All the signs were in my face I just ignored them. I thought the love was enough, maybe I wasn’t enough.

Friends and family tried to warn me but I was to into you to listen. My mistake was believing all the lies you told. I was down for you when no one else was. When you lost your job and couldn’t keep your home, I took you in.

I loved you when you disrespected me in front of your boys. I even loved you when you stayed out all night, coming home with another women perfume on your clothes. Even when you would curse me out I never denied you my body.

I’ll be ok just not today. I know that this feeling wont last forever, but why does it hurt so bad. I’m crying over you when I know you don’t give a damn about me. I am different because of you, and it will be all for the better.

So what is wrong with me that I am unlovable. My soul aches, my heart has turned cold. I know all men are not alike, but I’m afraid to take the chance.

As the clock ticks on the wall each passing minute I’m closer to repair. I can’t let this destroy me, I have to be strong.

It’s a month now and I’m just starting to accept that you are gone for good. I had my last cry over you, I’m worth more.

We all have lost a love in our life time. At the time you feel like you would rather die. I will not give up on me.

I love myself more than any man could. My heart maybe broken but my spirit isn’t. My life love chronicle of wasted love is for the books.

I’m telling this story to let the ladies know that bad love will enter your life. When it is over you will be a more powerful person if you take it as a lesson learned.

I’ll be ok just not today.

relationship problems

I'll be ok just not today




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