I am a single man

I am a single man

I am a single man

I am a single man. Why you ask, well if you have a few minutes I can explain this so the world will know, why good men are single. 

this is a list of some of the reason why good men are always single.

  1. Some men think that because they are good guys that most women are seeking a more tough and thuggish type of man. What happened to loving a man that is sensitive and loving ?  A man that want to hear about his women’s day and hopes and dreams of us together.
  2. People may have a misconception about you, they think that you are easily intimidated. That is the far-this thing from the truth. You have to watch a quiet and reserved man, he can go from 0 to 1000 very quick. This is when there is no other option. He will protect you with his life. He will love you and that is enough, for the so called easily intimidated man.
  3. Lack of confidence come along with the stereotype. Some women may think that I need a lot of attention because I don’t have self assurance. I have confidence, just not conceded .We have pride and respect for ourselves. Real ladies will cherish this quality.
  4. People will say that I am single because I’m just not attractive enough. More lies beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and God don’t make ugly. True beauty is transformed from the inside out, not the other way around. The way a man or women carry there self is more attractive then any muscles or booty implants they can purchase.
  5. I am a single man because women  think I have no personality  We all have personality some of of us are a little more quiet than others. Your real friends know that you can be the life of the party. You just have to get to know people first and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Why are you single in 2017

This is a great big world we live in and being single for anyone should be a choice and not a circumstance. People constantly asking singles why are they single like it is a disease. People don’t want to rush into a relationship. They don’t want to settle for just anyone. 

I am a single man

I am a single man that is successful, attractive educated, ambitious intelligent and spiritually inclined. I could go on forever about my personal resume. I am just looking for someone that is on the same path in life as myself.

The number one reason why I am single

The number one reason why I am single is because I will not conform to this world. I am so sick and tired of seeing beautiful women  in the world carrying there self in such a manner that who would want to date them. Also some of these  men are at fault to, we call our women bitches and hoes, and the crazy thing is some women actually like to be verbally assaulted.

I wish we could take it back to a time when we all had self-worth. A time when men asked women out on a date and that was it. He respected her and wanted to take things slow. A time when women dressed like ladies and not showing all their cookies to the world. I send this message to all  singles, Your King or Queen is out there just be patient and let love take its course because anything rushed wont last for long. 

I am a single man

What to do if your single

Being single can be such a blessing. What to do if your single, is live your life. Just live and explore. Learn to really get to know who you are and what you want out of life. If we start making a change to be better, Love harder and don’t ever give up on life. That one person that God made just for you is out there!

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