How To Find Your Soulmate

 How To Find Your Soulmate

 How to Find Your Soulmate

Find Love 

How to find your soulmate? I think that some people may get the words soulmate confused with something entirely different than  what it really is. Some may think that it is just hearing the words I love you from someone. That is my soul mate, because she/he will verbally confess their feeling. Spoken words should always be followed with loving actions. Oh to be young and in love. Does not matter the age, because if your are blessed in this life to have found someone that can’t be replaced, please feel free to  send your story to the site.

Relationship problems 

Relationship problems come relationship advice. People will tell you to leave someone at the first sign of trouble. That is when your love is truly tested.  We all make mistakes in our relationships, we are only human. If you find love, real love than there will be a lot of obstacles you will face.

Some may think  that if someone cheats on  you, that is a relationship killer, but not for alot of couples. Some think that communicating with the opposite sex is cheating.  Some couples have their own reasons for staying after the trust has been broken. Who are we to judge.  If you have a problem with this maybe you are still single.

Soulmates are not the people you see on tv . It is not the knight in shinning armor. She will not be Cinderella or the girl that has that video girl body. Soulmates will be forever connected in a more spiritual way that no matter what nothing can separate them.

Soulmates are the couples you think should have left each other long time ago. These are the couples that manage to handle the most difficult of circumstances and have a smile on their face. They could be the gossip of all their “friend” but love over powers all outside forces.

Soulmates are the couples you see thirty years from now and all you can say is( they still together). That couple should be a example to all. We are so quick to run from what could be the match for you. I don’t know if you believe in soul mates, but I do. I don’t need that fairy-tale relationship all I want is a real relationships.

Someone to laugh with. Even if the situation doesn’t call for laughter some how they can bring it out of you. So one to live, love and make the most romantic memories that it should be written in book. And the title of that book will be( How to make love last when you have found your soulmate.

If you have that person in your life that you don’t want to live without, Start today show them. Write them a sexy text. Give them a massage when they get off work. Give them all the love you have, not half of yourself but the entire being of your soul.

How To Find Your Soulmate

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