Hot Women


Hot women



Hot women

Different Types Of Women Which One Are You?

Everyone would like to think that they are sexy to someone. With a few drinks and a hit of some good kush we are all sexy to someone. The right time and place could put you in a den of wolves. Your favorite club is where it all begins. Women come out all dolled up with hardly any thing on, and some sexy music you are half way there.

The Hot Girls In The Club

A hot women is someone that is very confident in her own skin. She will wear very seductive clothing.  You will meet her in the club and the next thing you are hooked into the web. Most of them will never have sex with you. They let you lust after there bodies only to tell you that there is a price for there affection. This is a prostitute in the making.

The Social Climbing Women

A Social Climbing women, the women all men want but few know what to do with her.This women her  job just by being herself. She has a seductive allure to her. The men attention she captures is the ticket to a new life. Her body that has been worked on by countless doctors has made it almost impossible to resist.

The Around The Way Girl

The neighborhood girl Men tell her all the time how sexy she is with her fat ass. She consumes men like men do women. The only thing about her is that she is the money maker.

You can date her for a while until the coins get low , then she is on to the next one. You just got played by your own game. You have fallen in love with the woman that all of your boys been with. You trying to convince yourself that you are the one that can change a hoe into a house wife.

Don’t get me wrong all neighborhood girls are not out there like that. It seem the men for some reason fall for the one that don’t want a commitment. She cant make the money she gets by being faithful to you. Did you ever think that you where the only one. Now that is funny.

Men are getting smarter they know that with age looks fade. What is important is that you have found someone to share your life with. She might not be a dime but…..

The Real Women

She will love you unconditionally. The real woman will give you all that you desire and more if you treat her the right way. She is smart educated and sexy. She shows grace and confident’s in her self. This is the women you bring home to meet your family.


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Hot women


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