How To Forgive

 How To Forgive Someone After They Have Cheated

How to forgive a cheater


How to forgive a cheater

How to forgive. This is a topic that is talked about a lot. Some people don’t know how to forgive. Yet other may forgive to easily. If you can say from your heart that, I am in love than forgiveness is a strong possibility. How to forgive a cheater is totally on you, but never do it to hold it over the other person’s head. Just forgive and move on.

The night that crushed my world. I had been out of town on business for almost a month and didn’t know when I was going to see my wife again.

I was getting very homesick and was tired of living out  of my suitcase. At first I was kind of happy to get away because my wife and I argued all the time. I thought that a break would do us a world of good.

Little did I know that while I was out of town missing her, she wasn’t missing me. I thought that absence make the heart grow fonder. Absence just made us grow further apart.

I had been away for so long that I just knew that she would be so excited to see me. So I was ready to be with my baby. I wanted t surprise her and not tell her when I was coming.

After working like a dog for so long my boss sent me out a email telling me how impressed he was with my performance. I felt like I was on top of the world. I couldn’t wait to be home and make mad passionate love to my wife. Not having sex for a long time can make a man very horny if you know what I mean.

I was scheduled to go home in a few days, my wife was going to be so happy. I even went to a fine jewelry store and bought her a really nice pair of diamond earrings.

On the day I was to go home my wife called and told me that she missed me so much, and couldn’t wait to see me. I told her that the wait would be worth her while.

The day had come, I am going to see the love of my life. I was finally going home. I am a very happy husband right now. All that matters to me is my beautiful wife.

I arrived in town pretty late. I will never forget it. Like it was yesterday. At about 3 in the morning I finally made it home to surprise my wife with the gift that I had for her and the things that I wanted to do to her.

I made it into our home and something just didn’t feel right because she never would leave any lock open. This night all the locks on the door were off. All kind of things were going through my head.

I just wanted to make sure that she was ok. So I called out to her, honey I’m home. there was no response. So I grabbed my gun and quietly walked up the steps to our bedroom and opened the door.

What I saw my lovely wife in bed with another man. First thought was to shoot the both of them, but I would have that hanging over my head for the rest of my life.

Sadly to say I just walked away. This happened almost twenty years ago, and we are still together. I have forgiven her and the young an that I caught her with.

I don’t blame myself, I blame both of us. If I wasn’t’ so busy trying to make a life for us, she would not have tried to make a life with out me.

I cheated with a stranger long time ago. I was young and in love, and stupid. I had a  confession about my marriage, and she forgave me.

We all make mistakes in this life. I know that I am not a saint and I love my wife more today than ever before. All saints have a past and all sinner have a future.

How to forgive a cheater

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