My First Love

 My First Love

My First Love

My First Love.When you’re in love for the first time it is magical. Everything about the other person is wonderful.  First love make you feel like the two of you can take on the world.

The only person That truly understand you and accept you for who you are. The unconditional love that you never had before. This love will last forever.

I was living life through rose-colored glasses. It didn’t matter what others thought about my relationship, family and friends to me where jealous because I was so happy.

We decided that we would wait until marriage before we had sex. We did everything together. When we were apart it seem like an eternity waiting to see each other again. Sex to me would be the ultimate love that we would have on our honeymoon.

I thought that people could have love without sex. After about a year together without sex things started to change. We were both in college and he started hanging out with guys that I knew that were up to no good. I just gave him his freedom so that he would not think that I was being a bitch.

One night he told me that he was hanging out with the guys, and not to wait up. They ended up at a local strip club. He called me and said that no matter how many women were at the strip club that  he only was thinking of me.

He didn’t get back home until the next morning. Told me that he had gotten drunk and that he fell asleep on his friend’s sofa. I was so In love with him I just was happy to see him. He said the night was a blur and didn’t want to talk about it.

While in class people were looking at me and laughing. I’m thinking that their only mad at me because I had the sexiest man on campus. That was not the case.

After school I headed back to our place to cook a romantic dinner for two. When I got there it was a note on my door with a website on it. I put it off until after dinner.

He arrived home and immediately went into the shower which he did often. While in the shower I checked out the website that was left on the door. This was the shock of my life everyone knew about him and having sex with a stripper but me. It was so graphic that they could have sold this for money.

I was sick to my stomach, my perfect world was now over. He came out of the shower and caught me looking at him with this trash box having sex. He tried to tell me that he didn’t remember any of it. He said that he was drunk and to please forgive him.

Six months later against all judgment we got married. It just got worst. He stayed out all times of the night. On our honeymoon we didn’t even have sex. Marriage without sex is not what I wanted.

I wasn’t having sex but he was having sex all the time. All our money went to him  having sex with a stripper. I have a cheating spouse that loves perverted sex.

I did everything that the Lord wanted me to do I was a good girl. I waited until marriage to have sex and my husband wasn’t even attracted to me in that way. I’m still a virgin and I know the Lord will send me the man who is meant for me.

I love you


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