Finding Love

Finding Love 

Finding Love

Love of my life

I thought when I met you that things would be different. You where everything that a person could want in a relationship. Find love was all I ever wanted. I did’t know that you would make me bitter and sad. That you would have me to think that all people in relationships would cheat. I thought that I had it all figured out when it came to cheating signs. I love you so much I had to ask myself , (is he cheating). Didn’t think that you would come up with the excuse of addiction. He tells me that husband addicted to porn is normal. NO more I will take back my pride and dignity and be the love of my life, because I wont cheat on me.

Cheating signs

The cheating signs, they all were right there in my face. Being so deeply in love I put on blinders from all that would hurt me. Why did I not love my self enough to just go. I guess I didn’t want to be alone. I thought if I loved him more than I loved myself it would work out.

It is about to be a  new year (2016). Is this what life is about. People getting into what we think is a committed relationship only to crush your heart. Crush it so bad that if feels like your not even breathing anymore. Your only breathing to exist and not to live. Live the life that God wants you to live.

I am a very good person. I have my flaws and we all do so why can’t I have real love. The love that will last for a lifetime. the love that makes you smile at the stars in the sky. The love that is not forced or fabricated into something that is not natural. The love that will be faithful no matter how much temptation.

2016 will be my year of love. Not just a relationship kind of love, but the love for humanity. I will be a better person in every way that is possible. No excuses, unconditional love that your grandparents give you. No judgement to anyone, and that is hard because sometimes we don’t even know that judging is what we are doing.

This year my heart will burst with love of all created by God. I will love my enemy. I will love the stranger on the street. I will love the theft, and the person addicted to drugs. I will help the homeless, and anyone else that may need me. That is my purpose. I can’t be bitter over someone that did’t know how to love a good women, I will pray for him and hope the best for him.

Never let your past set the pace for your future. love, love, and love some more. There is to much hate in the world and we can use a lot more love. So for 2016 speak to a stranger, help a older women cross the street, make a difference in someones day just by smiling. My campaign of love with be posted, so make the choice to love the people of the world, because I will. 

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Finding Love


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