Fight for love

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Fight for love

Fight for love

This is Carla’s story

Fight for love. Why should I fight for love when it takes two to fight. I have felt alone in my marriage for a very long time. I was taught that you fight for what you believe in.

It started when my husband got a promotion at work. He got all the company perks along with a very young and pretty secretary. At first it didn’t bother me. When I met Ms.Thang I was a little intimidated.

See I had gotten to relaxed in my marriage. After two kids and about twenty pounds later I guess I thought that the love was enough. He hadn’t seen me naked for over a year.

I was ashamed how I had let myself go. I still had a pretty face but the body needed an overhaul. Don’t get me wrong my husband tell me that he love me no matter what size I was.

Easy for him to say. My husband James could eat what ever and still had the body of a twenty year old. James could turn anything into a workout session.

He never sat at his desk. He had gym equipment in his office. I remember him telling me that the guys at work didn’t care how they look. His colleagues only thought about making that paper.

I thought I would surprise him for lunch one day, I was the one surprised. I walked in his office to see him eating a salad with Ms. Thang laughing at every word that came out of his mouth. Jealous and ashamed I left without him knowing that I was there.

For a couple of days I sat in self petty. I got up looked threw some old pictures and said to myself you can be that person again. I wiped away my tears and made that life changing call.

For two months I worked out with a trainer each and every day the lord gave me breath in my body. The weight started melting away like snow when it turns to rain. I kept the big clothes on so that it would be a surprise when I got to my target weight.

This was perfect timing because James had a birthday coming up. I invited all our friends and family to the big reveal. I wanted to look better than the day we got married.

Ok here we go. It’s the night of the party and everyone was there having the time of their lives. My husband was asking everyone were I was, but know one new.

The lights went dark, my friend made the announcement that I was coming. I stood at the top of our stairs with the smallest little black dress. As a walked my runway everyone started cheering and clapping for me it was fabulous.

I walked over to my husband and he had tears in his eyes. He said that I looked more beautiful than the day he met me.

I didn’t do this for my husband I did it for me. James loves me no matter what but he takes good care of himself and I should too. I want to be around for a long time for my kids and of course for the sexiest man in my life.

Fight for love

Fight for love


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