I Dated A Loser

I dated a loserI Dated A Loser

 I Dated A Loser

Yes I dated a loser. MY name is Maggie and this is my story . I met John about a year ago, this was my first mistake.

At the time I  had very low self-esteem. I had three kids at the age of 18. I thought that my options were few. I was living in the projects on section 8, a drug dealers dream.

John was a well-known dealer in the neighborhood. In the beginning things were great. With all the money he was making we lived in the projects, but we lived ghetto fabulous. I was driving a brand new bmw and he had two cars of his own.

We had the best of everything, clothes, food and furniture. We also went on lavish vacations. The kids saw half the world in a year. My kids even called John daddy.

Everyone wanted to come by the house because it was the best place for entertaining. The house that I rented on section 8 had over half a million put into it. We had made a deal with the landlord to purchase another home for business.

We kept both homes, one for the drugs and one to live in.Things could not be any better. Until he sold drugs to an undercover police officer.

He had a very good lawyer, so I didn’t worry too much. The cops did a raid on the drug house and found over 10 million in drugs and money.

I was caught up in a situation that I had no idea how to get out of. The cops came after me because my name was on the lease of the drug house.

At two in the morning they came to the home that we were purchasing and took all of us. Me, John, and all three of my children.

I had no idea that john had purchased the home in my name. I thought I was just signing my name for security. I didn’t want me and my kids to be in the street.

Two days in jail not seeing my kids was the worst thing ever. An officer told me that John was willing to turn state evidence against me for a lesser charge.

John put everything on my head. I was now a female king pen. I had over a dozen charges that added up to life in jail with out the possibility of parole.

My kids were in foster care for a while, then my mom came to my rescue. John fucked my life up.

I had no money to get a lawyer, so it was a court appointed one. The lawyers that don’t care if you get a death row sentence.

I’m writing this letter from my cell. I can go out side once a day for an hour. I’m twenty-two years old, and my life as I knew it was a thing of the past.

Ladies love your self first, because I didn’t. John thought that he had gotten off Scott free. He was pulled over for a simple traffic violation, and had thirty-four kilos in the trunk.

So They reopened my case and this court appointed lawyer was a god fearing man and help me get my freedom back.

Just when your about to give up god is always there for us. I’m still in the projects but my mind isn’t. Thanks to my lawyer believing in me, and the grace of the Lord.

I remember when John and I would get into arguments that he would call me a loser. Ok John, who’s the lose now.

Karma is a bitch and it came back full force. John is now on death row, practicing to be a Muslim.

I dated a loserI Dated A Loser


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