Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse


The years I spent with a cheating spouse. In the beginning things with my spouse and I were good. Things always seem magical and wonderful in the honeymoon stage of a marriage. My honeymoon stage only lasted a few week.

I was so in love that what every they did I acted like I didn’t care.The first sign of my spouse cheating was the fact that we never had sex. A marriage with out sex is not the life I wanted for myself. I’m not stupid I knew that they were cheating on me, but The love I had was so strong for this person that I even blamed myself.

He would stay out all night and have the most suspect excuses that I have ever heard. He told me that he got drunk and fell asleep on a friends floor. Instead of going off I let him explain.

The alibi I got was he was at the club and a friend had bought him a lap dance. He insisted that he would never have sex with a stripper. He not only had sex with a stripper, but also had it video taped on his phone.

I forgave him because I was so in love. This was my first and only man that I ever had sex with. At the time I just wanted to stay married and try to make it work. I think he loves me even in a marriage with out sex.

This was my first love. I would take a bullet for this man. I was young and very naïve. I know that If he is cheating on me I have to get the video and take It to my lawyer.  I might be young but I’m no fool. 

One night when he was home asleep I went through his phone. There was nothing that I could use to get what I deserve in this divorce. Mean while I am acting like nothing was wrong.

I continued to take care of him and act like I couldn’t live without him. He was the center of y world. I was so broken and felt like such a failure. I knew that with a little help I could rid myself of this vile person.

One day I was on the internet to find a private investigator that could help me. Instead I came across a site that could possibly assist me in getting the truth.

I made the call to set up a appointment. While there I was told that no matter what a person deletes on their computer it could be retrieved. I am so excited to hear that I could have all his dirty little secrets exposed.

After they had downloaded all my evidence and gave me video, text messages, even conversations that he had with other women. It was time to set up the trap.

One evening I call him, and said to hurry home that someone was there to see home from out of town. I had contacted all the women and invited them over for dinner.

The ladies came by my surprise. I don’t think that most of them even knew that he was married. They were more than happy to help me get out of a love with no sex. A love that was one sided.

We sat and waited for y husband to come home. While waiting we made copies of all the dirty little evidence and put them all around the house.

Ok he finally arrived and to his shock we all greeted him. The look on his face was priceless. He tried to explain, but I and the rest of the women just laughed.

I went to divorce court on tv so that I could expose my husband for the perverted freak he was. I got half and I am now on the road doing lectures on relationships. I even wrote a book about my marriage without sex.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If he had not cheated on me I probably would not be a best selling author. So I have to say thanks to my ex husband.


Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse



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