I Cheated With A Married Man

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I cheated with a married man. I met this guy one day at the store. He told me upfront that he was married. I didnt care he was just to cute.

We started seeing each other after a couple of months of texting. We had so much in common. One was that we both were married.

The relationship was exciting for the both of us. The thrill of sneaking around made the sex ten times better than with my husband.

We didnt just have sex we talked alot, something i didnt have at home. We listened to each other, with out judgement.

After six months of this I wanted something more. He told me all the time how much he loved me. So I popped the other big question when are you going to leave her.

At first I wished I could take it back, but he said soon. We continued seeing each other and life was great, Until my husband found out about my dirty little secret.

Before I could explain to my husband why I cheated, he packed a bag not for himself, but for me to get the hell out of our home.

I went to stay with a friend until me and my man could be together. I told him how good our life was going to be once he got rid of his wife.

For a week I didnt hear from him and I started to get nervous.When he finally called he said that his wife had a terible accident and passed away.

We got married a month later. He was not the same man that I had met, I thought it was because he was still dealing with the death of his wife.

One day a detective came by the house asking my husband questions. He sat infront of me and told one lie after another to the detective.

When the detective left I asked him why he lied. He looked me straight in the eyes and said it would be such a shame if I ended up just like his first wife. He said your the one that suggested that I get rid of my wife.

I cheated with a married man


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