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Top Places People Got Caught Having Sex

caught having sex


WE have compiled a list of places to have sex. These are some places that couples have gotten caught having sex maybe you might want to try. Caught Having Sex

1. Every one know about the mile high club. A couple in there prime thought this would be one for the bucket list. They decided to wait until they thought everyone was asleep to go on their adventure. They snuck into the restroom and tried to get in position but the man was to tall for this to happen. They where already to horny to just let this go. So they went back to their seats and got it on right on flight 768. Some people woke up from the moaning, but surprisingly no one said a word.

2.Have you every went to the grocery store and thought to your self today I will see a couple having sex in the freezer section. That’s right in the month of July it got to hot for this couple. A witness said that  while trying to make up his mind about a flavor of ice-cream he looked up and, pow. This couple was getting it on. She was bent over a shopping cart while the man was getting it in. He also was using vanilla ice-cream as a lube. This was one of the best days of my life the witness said. He also admitted to not liking vanilla ice-cream but bought two gallons just in case. He rushed home and made a big bowl of vanilla ice-cream and said tonight I will have sex with my wife, If the Viagra kick in.

3.In line at MVA. One cold day in December a little old lady witness the not so suttle sex act ever. It was about thirty minutes before the office would be open. It was only about twenty five degrees out, and this couple decided to use their body heat. I guess they didn’t want to get out of line and have to start over. So the man went and got a blanket from the trunk of his car. As the line was getting longer the couple wrapped the blanket around themselves. You could see that the woman was clearly on her knees from the head bobbing back and forth by his private area. I looked up at him and his head is leaned back with a very large smile on his face. After he climaxed she just stood up and whipped her mouth off like nothing ever happened.

3.A young lady had taken her nephew to a bouncy house. While there a young man caught her attention. Clearly the chemistry was there. She asked one of her friends that was there with her kids to watch her nephew for a few minutes. In a ball pit the young couple took off all there clothing and had ball popping all over the place. This went on for about ten to fifteen minutes. When the young lady was finished with her mystery man she went back to her friend. Her friend tried to give her some relationship advice. She said that how are you going to find a husband when your having sex with everyone. The young lady replied life is a bouquet  you have to try a little of everything.

4.A women had suspected that she had a cheating spouse.So she put a tracking device on his car. When he was in a strange area of town it would send her a alert. Sitting home one evening the alert went off and off she went. The alert had taken her to a bad part of town. She didn’t care because she needed to now the truth. Her husband was at a shady hotel having sex in a bath tub full of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. When she approached him he told his wife, you never toss my salad.

This is the first of many more places to have sex. If you have, or seen  a unusual sex story please feel free to submit them. Totally anonymous. Thank you for visiting.

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