But You Said I Love You

But You Said I Love You

But You Said I Love You

Lisa’s story

Listen ladies to my story about love. In school I was very popular and all the guys wanted to go out with me. I never dated guys in school because they were to immature for my taste.

I met this guy, I knew from the beginning that he was a bad boy. I think that is what attracted me to him. He had to be this way because of the lifestyle he lived.

When our relationship got serious he started to change, by this time I was already in love. It started off very suttle.

He would call just to say he loved me. Then he would ask where I was, first it was sweet, and thought he was just a caring loving person.

After a while the calls were all day long. At work three to four times a day to check on me. When I got home I asked him if he could text me so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

I woke up in the emergency room. All these doctors surrounding me. He had hit me so hard that it knocked my right eye out of its socket.

He came in with tears in his eyes. He looked down at me and said, I’m so sorry baby. You have to know your place in this relationship.

He told me that it was for my own good. That a man has to keep his women under control. If not that we would be trying to run things.

When I got home from the hospital the house was full of flowers. I didn’t want to believe that the man I love would want to hurt me.

I had brainwashed myself to think that he would never do anything to intentionally hurt me. I stayed with this man, that not only got worst, but tried to kill me.

I got a flat tire coming home, so I called to tell him. When I got home he accused me of sleeping with the tow truck driver.

He ripped my clothes off so he could check me. I thought to myself, you have to fight back. He punched me in my face so hard I heard ringing in my ears.

I got up off the floor and ran to the kitchen. I could hear him coming down the hall, and I picked up the largest knife we had.

We fought for that knife like savages. He slipped on the floor with me in his arms and the knife went through his chest.

He is fine doing ten years for attempted murder and assault. Never have a man who beat you and then say, you made me do this but I love you.

But you said I love youBut you said I love you







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