Best Girls Weekend

Best Girls Weekend

Best Girls Weekend

This is my story of the best girls weekend ever. My name is Sasha and I’m a wife, mother, sister, and friend. I’ve been married to my husband for eight years. I need a break. Don’t get me wrong I love my man, but I need sometime away.

I emailed some of my closest friends to invited them on a weekend getaway. All the ladies had very busy lives with careers, families, and all the stress that can come with it.

I thought to myself I have to make this trip sound like the best thing ever.I did some research and came up with a theme for the trip. No technology was the theme.

For one whole weekend we could not use any thing technical. Yep that meant no cell phone, ipads, tablets nothing. We did give our husband the number to the cabin we were at.

So off we went, it was great just to leave the house. We arrived at the cabin, it was beautiful. It was set up like a spa with any and everything we could want.

The husbands paid for our trip and had a company come in a do all the extras. That is why we love our men. The fridge was stocked the bar was really stocked all we needed was good conversation and some music.

We unpacked and decided that we would go out to a local bar just for fun. While getting the finishing touches on our makeup and hair the door bell rang.

We all look at each other wondering who could that be, all the men were back home. I went and answered the door and it was three of the sexiest male dancers that I had ever seen.

They came in and we just let our hair down and enjoyed. One walked over to me and handed me a note. It said ladies have the time of your lives, but don’t do anything we wouldn’t do lol . Signed love your men.

Oh yeah we had drinks, lots of them. The dancers were complete gentlemen. This was the best gift my husband has ever given me.

There was one lady with them I thought maybe she would dance to. She was their to teach us how to dance like the exotic dancers all the men go crazy for.

When we got home from our fabulous weekend the men were in big trouble. I know for a week straight we had sex in every part of the house. I felt like a newlywed all over again.

My birthday was coming up and my fine ass husband knew the perfect gift. I got off of work early to celebrate. When I opened my front door there were rose pedals trailing up the steps into the bedroom.

I look in the room it was better than the trip. He made the room like the spa but even better. I look up at my man and he is standing next to a stripper pole with a big red bow around it.

He turned on some sexy music and danced the most erotic dance ever. While we got lessons the guys did the same. This experience has made me a very happy camper.

Thanks to all the strippers out there you all have put the spice back in my marriage. This was my best girls weekend.

Best Girls Weekend

Best girls weekend

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