Best Date Ideas

Best date ideas

This is just some of the best date ideas for you.

This is a list of fun and inexpensive dates you can go on and get to know that special someone better. If you are looking at things to do that wont break the bank then these are for you. These will be some of the best times you ever had on a date. They are simple uncomplicated dates. Romantic dates that are hard to come by, the throw back dates when money wasn’t more important than LOVE. Cute date that make you smile days later.Cheap dates ideas that will let you know that it is about you and nothing else.

  1. Pick an place with beautiful scenery, and have a picnic. Make some sandwiches my be a salad. You can find great  the scenery at the beach or a park. on even in your own back yard.
  2. What better way to get to know a person better than playing a game with them. I know what your thinking, who plays games on a date. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you can learn from a person by just playing a game. So pull out the monopoly, and Sorry and lets get this date started. Just make it Grown up style. Have food and  a good dessert. A bottle of Wine if you like, just do it you wont be sorry . Have the fun you deserve.
  3. Plan a date that the both of you will cook the meal together. This is a great way to get to know someone. Who doesn’t love a person that can slay in the kitchen. and also get some great recipes, enjoy.
  4. For a healthy date. Take a long walk, or go hiking. This is good old outdoor fun, and you have all the time to get to know each other. After the hike grab something to eat and chill.
  5. The the people out there that have a pickup truck, how awesome. Just get a bunch of blankets and pillows and load the bed u, make a picnic lunch and some good wine. Lay back and talk with no distractions. What better date, getting to know someone and star gazing.
  6. If you want to and are swim suit ready go to a private pool. This is fun all day and you get a good work out. Afterwards have takeout and watch a movies or documentary, you can learn a lot about a person by the documentaries they are interested in.
  7.  Ladies if you like video games this will be a great way to have fun. Show your date that you have skills to. Order some pizza and a couple drinks and this will be a date to remember. Gentlemen some women love games just as much as you do.
  8. The museum every town has one. Go out for a nice lunch then make it over to the museum. This will start very easy conversation. You can find out a lot about the kind of thing that the are interested in.
  9. A hay ride. I know some may think that this is corny but it is genius. Why do you ask, because no one has to drive and you have each other undivided  attention. Find out about a person hopes and dreams and what they want out of life. This kind of day is relaxed and the person will open up a little.
  10. For the more adventurist people, have a date at venue that has indoor wall climbing. This is great to challenge each other strengths and weakness. This is genius and later on in the evening, put on a lil black dress and go to a lounge and listen to jazz or what ever your into
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